Finding More Insurance Coverage in Trucking Cases

November 5, 2013


“If you have a situation where the trailer owner is different from the tractor owner, be sure to secure the insurance policy for the trailer owner because the driver/owner of the tractor may be an insured under the trailer owners policy.

 Under either the Motor Carrier’s Policy version or the old Truckers policy version will have a category of insured called the omnibus insured.  The language is as follows:

“Anyone else while using with your permission a covered auto you own, hire, rent or borrow…”

 So, if the tractor owner is using the trailer with the owner’s permission, typically there is coverage.  There are several exceptions, so be sure to check the policy.

Otherwise, there should be an additional coverage layer of 750K or more.”

Credit goes to Pete Kestner of Minneapolis for this tip.


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